Not every woman can flaunt big breasts that accentuate a curvier hourglass figure. Women with smaller breasts search for ways to enhance their breast size and have since turned to breast augmentation surgery to improve their overall body silhouette. Let us learn about breast augmentation including the breast implants cost and other relevant variables that affect its price tag.


Breast implants cost

If you are thinking about undergoing breast augmentation, one of the very first concerns you may have is the cost. In Australia, the breast implants cost may range from $6000 to $12000. Although many plastic surgeons do not specify these price estimates, surveys and recommendations from past and present patients who have undergone breast augmentation gave details about its cost.



Breast implants costs: The factors that affect the price

Sometimes, cosmetic clinics or surgeons give information about the value of breast augmentation, but only the breast implants cost is specified. Here are some other expenses that are associated with breast augmentation.

Surgeon’s fee. This variable is a no-brainer. Your plastic surgeon’s fee would depend on his years of experience and expertise with regard to breast augmentation. Make sure that your chosen plastic surgeon is recognised by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) so you can be sure that he is qualified to perform your cosmetic procedure safely and accurately.

Anaesthetist’s/ anaesthesiologist’s fee. An anaesthetist is usually a certified registered nurse anaesthetist (CRNA) and may work in collaboration with your surgeon during your procedure. Their fees are lower than anaesthesiologists, who are licensed doctors specialising in anaesthesia administration.

Hospital or clinic facility’s fees. These include the theatre fees, the materials used during the surgery, and other hospital amenities a patient may need in case of emergency. Consider these factors when choosing where your operation will take place because as we all know, complications can always happen anytime, anywhere.

Medical laboratory and diagnostic tests. There are preliminary tests that your plastic surgeon may request before the surgery that would serve as baseline information about your overall general health. After the surgery, your surgeon may still require some tests to check your postoperative status.

Revision surgery. Unfortunately, breast implants cost should also include the need for revision surgery. Yes, because according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), about 20% to 40% of women who have undergone breast augmentation required at least one revision surgery within the first 10 years since the implant placement.

Medicare coverage. Typically, breast implants cost is not shouldered or covered by Medicare if its sole purpose is cosmetic in nature. However, if breast augmentation is performed for reconstructive purposes, Medicare rebates may be granted on a case-to-case basis. Discuss this with your surgeon so he can help you with eligibility determination.


Breast implants cost abroad

Some medical travel agencies would recommend going to foreign countries to cut your expenses in half since breast implants cost is a fraction of the price compared to those in Australia. However, you need to be extra careful and mindful of your safety first before thinking about undergoing surgical procedures abroad.



Looking your best is not a crime, as long as you first ensure your safety. Knowing all details about your breast augmentation procedure, if this will improve your confidence and how you present yourself in public, including its cost and pros and cons should be part of your overall priority.

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