All over the world, a lot of people have been planning or have already undergone breast augmentation surgery. There are so many reasons why they want their breasts enhanced, but their primary goal remains to be the fact that they want to be more confident satisfied with their bodies. The problem is that surgery is so expensive, even in Australia. One option they choose is to have Thailand breast implants instead – cheap, safe, and a holiday in itself. Let us know more about this very popular cosmetic surgery in a Southeast Asian tourist destination.


Thailand breast implants: What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enhances the size, shape, and volume of the breasts. The operation can make use of synthetic materials called breast implants or transfer your own body fat to your breasts.


Thailand breast implants: Why do it in Thailand?

If Thai surgeons are going to answer this, they would exclaim, ‘Why not?’ Thailand is one of the fast-developing countries in Asia, and their aim to advertise medical tourism in other parts of the world seems to be very effective. In fact, Thailand breast implants or augmentation is one of the most sought-after surgical procedures they have. This is all because they advertise that their surgical breast enhancement is affordable, safe, and the same as any other surgery done in their home country. A testament to this is the fact that more and more Australians fly to Thailand every year just for their medical tourism packages.


Thailand breast implants: How much are Thailand breast implants?thailand-breast-implants-perth

In Australia, the high cost of a plastic surgery procedure is the main reason why we travel abroad and find cheaper alternatives, especially if the main goal is for aesthetic purposes only. Medicare and top health insurances would not cover cosmetic surgery unless the reason is in conjunction with a medical disorder or illness.

Breast augmentation in Australia can range from $6000 to $14000, and that may or may not include the surgeon’s fees, hospital fees, anaesthesia fees, tests, medications, and materials used during and after the operation. Now, when you realise how much Thailand breast implants are, you would definitely consider getting the first flight ticket out of Australia and into this tropical paradise. Thailand breast implants only cost $5400 to $8000 in Bangkok and $4400 to $6900 in Phuket. The prices differ depending on the type of Thailand breast implants you would want to use. What a steal, right?


Thailand breast implants: Are they really worth it?

Now that you know the huge difference in procedural costs from both countries, it’s time to choose. But before you do that, a responsible patient should look at the bigger picture. It is not just money matters; one should always prioritise his or her safety above all else. To help you decide, here are some tips so you can consider the better option.

Know the doctor. His reputation and experience can speak for his expertise in the field.

Ask for referrals. If you have a trusted relative or friend who has had a satisfactory experience in breast augmentation in or out of the country, consider the doctor who performed her procedure.

Know the location. Is the facility where your surgery would take place equipped with all the necessary things needed during and after your cosmetic surgery? In case of emergency, does the surgeon have all that he needs here?

Ask for the fine print. During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon should provide you with that complete price quotation of the whole procedure. Miscellaneous expenses may add up, and you wouldn’t realise that you already spent more than your original budget. Inquire about the package inclusions so that you can prepare your finances well.

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