When thinking about enhancing your breasts through a surgical procedure called breast augmentation, one must know the different types of breast implants that are available on the market that may suit their cosmetic needs. Here is a brief guide about different breast implants and how to choose the best type for you based on their material or filling, shape, and texture.



Types of breast implants based on material

There are two types of breast implant fillings – saline and silicone. Saline breast implants contain sterile salt water that provides natural-like shape, firmness, and feel to the breasts. If ever the saline implants leak, its form and volume will get compromised, but the filling is said to be safely absorbed by the body. Now, there is also what they call structured saline breast implants that have a supportive material found inside the implant that improves their natural feel.


Silicone breast implants, on the other hand, are popularly considered more natural than saline when it comes to their touch. Since silicone is firmer than salt water, these implants provide the same texture and feel as that of naturally-full breasts. In the case of implant malfunction or leak, the material will not collapse, but the filling may escape to the breast pocket made to hold the implant in place. Now, there is also what they call gummy bear breast implants that contain a thicker silicone gel that creates the enhanced breasts look firmer than traditional silicone implants.



Types of breast implants based on the shape

Patients can avail of breast implants in round or teardrop shapes. Both have their own benefits and downsides, and it would depend on your preference which would better suit your needs.


Round implants may be saline or silicone implants that make your breast enhancement fuller and your breast cleavage more emphasised. Teardrop implants are typically silicone implants that have more volume on the lower base than the tip, mimicking the normal accentuation of the breasts.


Many consider teardrop breast implants as the implant of choice if you want to achieve a more natural-looking breast improvement because of its subtle boost in the shape and size of the boobs. However, some still prefer getting round saline implants since this type can be easily placed on any of the different types of surgical incisions (underarm, underboob, umbilical, or around the nipple). Also, displacement of the round implants would not affect the overall shape of the breast augmentation, but if this happens to teardrop implants, it may be detrimental to its function and appearance.


Types of breast implants based on texture

Smooth or textured breast implants are secondary types of breast implants to give patients the best look and feel about their breasts after the enhancement.

Smooth breast implants give a more natural feel and movement since it glides along the breast implant pocket. Though it is still soft to the touch like natural breasts are, it can create a rippling or wavy appearance when palpated since it is not firmly positioned inside the breasts. Textured breast implants answer that dilemma by allowing the scar tissue to attach to its ‘roughened’ shell, placing them securely, but also making them look less natural compared to the smooth ones.



There are ongoing studies and research about breast implants so there’s no doubt that more types of breast implants will be available in the coming years. But whatever the type of breast implant you and your doctor may want to use, what is most important is your safety, and the efficiency and proportion of the enhancement to your body.

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